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Elias - 2 May 15:13

Ici vous pouvez choisir pour toi putain a un prix, parametres, les services et a louer prostituee a Gond-Pontouvre.

Waldroup - 6 August 03:50

Ici plus sensuelle putes: chic et mince poupées et petite putains.

Giagni - 18 October 08:00

you could do that too me

Admin - 2 December 05:58

This is entirely unrelated to the topic, but in your video the benefits of sex you stated that it lessens depression (something like that and I just wanted to know if there is something wrong with me or my sexual partner if we both go through a depressionest state after sex. I was hoping you could give a bit of a psychological reasoning for this. Looking forward to the next ask Lindsey!

Mazuera - 29 June 06:19

I see a lot of people calling BS on this study in the comments. Rather than get pissed off at the political incorrectness of this study, can we all just absorb it as an interesting sex-knowledge video that may not necessarily represent modern day society, but it may very well have been completely viable back in the day. Unless there are similar studies conducted with more recent participants we can't really be conclusive when we talk about it.

Kathy - 1 September 11:59

Hot body but damn are those teeth jacked

Kama - 29 December 14:28

"massive dick" eh?

Patience - 20 May 15:47

Camel toe please.