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Kunsch - 4 March 10:04

She ugly

Mure - 27 May 05:37

Hi, kinky queer girl here. Please don't group kinksters in with sexualities and genders, because it's a completely different topic. What gets you off should be separate from who you get off with, in the acronym sense. I know you're more on the heterosexual side of the spectrum so you might not realize it, but please understand that sexuality is different than sexual interests. Grouping sexual interests with sexualities makes being lesbian reduced to something in the same realm as shibari, and that's just insulting.

Chadwick - 3 September 02:57

ThTs creepy as fuck

Buchs - 11 April 22:38

This is my videos,and all of you who stole it from any sites,are liers!!!

Bryon - 30 December 11:10

That is such a good idea to design it so that it's just the parts going inside/directly against the person that vibrate instead of the whole thing! With the handle and everything vibrating it can be hard to hold and a bit unpleasant on the hand after awhile. Excellent innovation! I really hope that takes off and becomes the vibrating toy norm.

Sharpsteen - 15 January 04:02


Tracey - 8 January 03:26

NEVER put your real age if you're a minor. everyone knows that lol